Wanhao Duplicator D6 single extruder 3D Printer

Wanhao Duplicator D6 single extruder 3D Printer

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Brand Name: Wanhao

Print Size (XYZ) : 200x200x180mm
Layer Resolution :100 -200Microns

Filament Diameter : 1.75mm

Nozzle Diameter :  0.4mm

Print platform / Build Platform : Heated bed Temp- 50-100 OC

Printing Technology : FDM

Print In Dual Color : No

Cad Input File Format support : Stl , G code

Power supply : 2A/110V; 1A/220V , 50-60hz, 250W

Machine Size: 34.8cmx36.4cmx48cm(13.70inx14.33inx18.90in)

Manufacturer Warranty :  Nozzle 3 months, Motherboard 1 year
                                           Download Warranty Terms 
Model Name/No :D6

No. of Extruders : One

Layer Thickness :100-200mm

Filament compatibility : PLA, ABS, PVA, PEVA,  HIPS,

Nozzle Temperature : 180 - 240OC

Print speed: 30-60mm/min
Extruder Type: MK10 Single-Extruder

Operating System: Winxp/Vista7/8, Linux, Mac OX

Connectivity : Stand-aloneprinting from SDcard ,USB

Display : LCD Screen 

3D Printing Software : Repetier/CURA /Simplify 3D

Machine weight : 13kg(28.66lbs)


Delivery Period :  5 to 7 working days. by DHL,UPS,Fedex. Shipping Location : China


Package Size : 42x42x55cm (16.54inx16.54inx21.65in)Package  Weight: 16.8kg (37.4lbs)

Customer Reviews

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    Review by Timm on 02-03-2017 Country : Switzerland

    A very decent machine with high quality and fair price. seller is very helpful also sent me missing parts. seller always replies to my question. great service . recommend this seller

    • Overall
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    • Quality
    Review by sungmin on 01-03-2017 Country : Korea

    • Overall
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    Review by Takeo on 01-03-2017 Country : Japan

    • Overall
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    Review by Xavier on 28-02-2017 Country : Australia

    The printer has two fan for cooling filament that gives good printing result. I 3d printed filament tube guide holder myself for this printer. Its .stl file is available at thingiverse. well I suggest seller to give along with machine.

    • Overall
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    Review by Filip on 26-02-2017 Country : Norway

    i am so glad to update new firmware in this printer. It solved my temperature issue and everything looks ok. Now Max extruder temperature to 260 degree and Bed Max 115 degree. Wanhao have a great forum support.

    • Overall
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    Review by Juan on 15-02-2017 Country : Mexico

    I think Wanhao 6 is copy of Zortax M200. The printer looks almost same including extruder. which actually build my confidence to buy this printer. This printer gives me flexibility to use different slicer like CURA and Simplify 3D. whereas Zortax has its own slicer called z-suite.

    • Overall
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    Review by Eban on 02-02-2017 Country : France

    J'ai fait le téléchargement de nouveau firmware Version 3.01 dans ce wanhao 6 imprimante 3d

    • Overall
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    Review by Pablo on 25-01-2017 Country : Spain

    I bought this printer on my friend recommendations as well as feedback in forum. Being impatient i printed in ABS at first . I bought acrylic cover to support ABS printing. The printed item remained stuck over bed through out the printing. That was most important for me.

    • Overall
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    Review by Iker on 05-01-2017 Country : Spain

    All works fine. The printer arrived within 10 days.

    • Overall
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    Review by Lucas on 22-12-2016 Country : Spain

    The printer gives great results, if printed at low speed like 80 to 100 mm/s. Specially for highly complex object. however for simpler job i prefer to increase the speed. Overall it is a good one.

    • Overall
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    Highly recommend this seller
    Review by Nicolas on 01-12-2016 Country : Spain

    Printer works great out of the Box. fast shipping , good seller.

Customer Questions & Answers

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  • By Alfred_o on 20-03-2017

    Question: Why won't my objects stick to the build platform?

    Reply: There are many reasons why objects may not stick to the build platform. You should first ensure that you have clean, debris free build tape and that it is not torn or ripped. Next, check that the build platform is level. These are the two most common causes for builds not sticking.

  • By Mahamadou on 20-03-2017

    Question: How thick are the object layers?

    Reply: Hi, maximum resolution of 100 microns and a minimum resolution of 300 microns (0.10-0.30mm per layer). The higher the resolution, the smaller each layer and the better your object will look. The layer resolution depends on the setting. In Low the resolution is .300mm., in Standard the resolution is .200mm, and in High the resolution is .100mm.

  • By Elias on 07-12-2016

    Question: what is HBP ?

    Reply: It is Heat board plating to print ABS Object.

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