Wanhao Duplicator 7

  • Wanhao D7 is the  latest 3D Printer Launching Soon In 2017

    Wanhao is one of the most well know 3D Printer manufacturer in 3D Printing fraternity .Wanaho has wide range of FDM Printers which is known for their qualtiy , support and budget friendly . After their massive success in FDM 3D Printers Wanhao will be now entering the DLP market with Wanhao Duplicator 7 or D7. This will be Wanhao's first latest launch in 2017 

    Wanhao D7 expected specification are as follows :
    Max Printing Speed: 30mm/hr
    Max Build Area: 120x70x200mm
    Material: 405nm UV Resin
    Finest Resolution: 35 Microns
    Price Expected: $1000 approx

    Some of the pictures and videos youtube has been recently surfaced, which were shared by Wanhao's team members .

    wanhao D7

    Image title

    Image title

    This will be Wanhao's entry with Duplicator 7 into precision 3D Printing which will cater especially to jewellry,dental, & high quality detailed prints for industries etc .The sale or pre-order is expected to start on first or second week of Jan 2017 and deliveries starting end of january as of now. After launch to purchase Click Here 

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    Kartish Nair 

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