Make Cosplays Using 3D Printers

  • One of the best and entertaining things that you can make with a FDM 3D Printer is props & armour for cosplays. This is one the best uses of FDM 3D Printers that is been in use . People are making cosplay guns, blasters , costumes , helmets and other stuff that is possible to get made in 3D Printers .  
    If you like to have a Storm Trooper Blaster or Helmet you can just download the designs and get it printed . 
    Check out the blaster made by
    Christopher Zuk  . He designs and 3D Prints blaster for cosplays.

          3D Printed Blasters & Suit For Cosplays

    3D Print Cosplay

    3d print crytec suit cosplay


    Christopher runs a business called ProcoPrint 3D, he says "  I have been designing 3D for a long time, but production blasters on a large scale began to deal with it since about 2.5 years. My blasters are to many customers around the world and can meet them at many shows. The last time many models were sold for shows at the premiere of the film Rogue One . FDM apply for cosplay, They are mainly used for rapid prototyping because it is a cheap technology of 3D printing, the next step is always expensive printing high-quality HD printers SLA and ProJet and in my case do silicone mold for mass production. However, the main advantage of 3D printing is that you can meet with this technology their dreams. From dream to reality!" Christopher also printed a full-size pedestal Nano Suit from Crysis game with the approval of Crytec and a large 3D printer. You can follow his FB page for updates on his new projects


            3D Printed Iron Man & War Machine Suits

    comic con iron man

    3d printed iron man suit

    Another one of the coolest cosplay costumes we came across was Iron Man ! One can download the costume design and print on 3D Printer . Then later some sanding, polishing and painting is required . One of such best designs is made by Steffen Scholtes from Herzogenrath, Germany . Steffen has designed the entire costume and was generous to  make it available for everyone on thingiverse here. Steffen participated in recent German Comic Con 2016: Dortmund Germany and was featured in their video (at 1.05 / 1.45)  See the video here .

    Steffen said " This is my first 3D printed cosplay , I am mostly facinated by Iron Man . Before I made a foam version of Iron Man Suit , that was 3 years ago. I worked as a designer in a small enterprise and got chance to work with 3D Printer , with that experience I designed a Iron Man suit and 3D Printed one" .

    Well this is one of the facinating things which can be done now with the 3D Printer . With the help of 3D Printing more such exciting things are always underway.

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