Formbot T-Rex 2 3D Printer

  • Check out the latest Formbot T-Rex2 Large Printer 3D Printer 

    Are you looking for a large print area 3D Printer ? 

    Are you looking for Dual Independent Extruder 3D Printer ?

    Are you looking for 3D Printer with Touch Screen features?

    Are you looking for 2 In 1 3D Printer + Laser Engraver ?

    Then here is your answer for you demands - Formbot T-Rex 2 

    Formbot T-Rex 2

    Right now lots of 3d printer options are available in market.But Formbot T-Rex 2 latest arrival is creating a mark with its Large print area  400x400x480mm , Feature like WIFI,autolevelling , Laser engraver, Color Touchscreen Display, Free 1kg PLA filament which is absolutely value for money. 

    Most parts of this printer are pre-assembled makes overall assembly a lot easier and  it hardly takes some hour to assemble complete printer much faster.

    It has both single & dual head extruder option which is easy to change . Print quality is pretty good. It uses E3d Volcano extruder with heat fans. It has side fans also to cool the print layers.  Laser engraving attachment can engrave on paper, wood, PMMA and fabrics.

    WIFI Feature enables to control printer with PC and Mobile easily. If someone wish to control the printer with display then Full color touchscreen is a most easiest and simple user interface.

    The instruction manual provided is easy to follow. The technical support is extremely good and supportive. Software and Cura Slicing software  with pre-settings is provided in SD card. 

    You can buy the Formbot T Rex-2 3D Printer here