5 Free 3D Printing Software

  • 5 Best Free 3D Printing Software For Beginners

    Makers or beginners who will be starting with 3D Printing or planning to get a 3D Printer one question arises is which software to use for 3D printers and features supported . To start with 3D Printing one need to convert  the design file in STL , OBJ & 3MF file to gcode/x3g files . These gcode files instruct the printers the tool path and the commands, such softwares are known as Slicer’s . There are many such slicer software available right now, some are free and some are paid . We have put together the popular slicers which are open source, free to use, easy to start with and support regular updates . There was Replicator G with Skeinforge slicer engine which were popular before but they have stopped providing updates . Printrun is also used by many users but since march 2015 there have been no updates available .So below are some of the best 3D printing software which are free , widely used and have support from community forums and also provides regular updates.

    Cura :

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    Key Features:

    *One of the most popular slicer used by 3D Printing and open source community

    *Can support upto 5 extruders  for different  color filament

    *Supports Marlin and Repetier based firmware printers.

    *Supports STL 3MF and OBJ Formats. Output G-code

    *Supports a wide range of 3D printers and also custom made 3D Printers by custom settings

    *Support available through community & forums

    *Prints multiple object with different settings for each objects

    *Operating Systems :Windows , Linux & Mac

    Link :Download here


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    Key Features:

    *Most popular among Reprap community

    *Supports popular Marlin and Repetier based firmware printers

    *Supports STL 3MF and OBJ Formats. Output G-code

    *Repetier is a host software which has 3 different slicer selection options Sli3r, Cura and Skeinforge

    *Can support upto 16 extruders  for different filament colors , with preview features to check before printing

    *Supports printing and controlling 3D Printers via USB

    *Supports firmware updating and modification for printer using Repetier Firmware

    *Customer support available by forums and also by raising a ticket by giving donations

    *Can be upgraded with Repetier Server support which enables to control your 3D Printer remotely anywhere in the world . You can keep you printer connected to  your PC or use Raspberry pi

    *Operating Systems :Windows , Linux & Mac

    Link:Download here


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    Key Features:

    *Open source software contributed by Reprap supported  by github and forums

    *Support almost all FDM 3D Printers and also DLP printers

    *Supports STL 3MF and OBJ Formats. Output G-code , X3g and SVG format

    *Slicing and G-code generation is faster

    *Feature to reduce print time by printing thicker infill alternatively

    *Supports popular Marlin , Repetier and Sailfish based firmware printers

    *Operating Systems :Windows , Linux & Mac

    Link:Download here

    Kisslicer :

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    Key Features: 

    *Easy to use and basic interface slicer

    *Popular among Kossel/Delta Printer users

    *Support s 3MF and OBJ Formats. Output G-code

    *Supports popular Marlin , Repetier and other 5D firmware printers

    *Minimal settings and fast slicing for G-code generation

    *Support Single extruder in basic version and Multiple heads in Pro version ($42)

    *Operating Systems :Windows , Linux , Mac , Rasberry Pi and FreeBSD

    Link: Download here 


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    Key Features

    *Octoprint is a open source web based host software which uses Cura as slicer engine

    *It allows user to remotely control and operate 3D Printer using Rasberry pi with web cam through wifi or internet  connections .

    *Integrated GCode visualiser to see the preview of currently using Gcode

    *Support s 3MF and OBJ Formats. Output G-code

    *Can be integrated with most of the 3D Printers available

    *Supports Mobile and TFT Touch modules

    *Generates printer statistics and print history

    *Creates time lapse recording of you prints while you are away

    Link : Download here

    For machines which requires .x3g files (sailfish firmware based machines) can convert the gcode file to .x3g by using GPX gcode to x3g convertor which can be found here 

    Article contributed by

    Kartish Nair 

    Maker, 3D Printer Hobbyist   

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